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Our Staff

Dr. Richard Seither
Richard Seither, MD

Dr. Seither finished his residency at the James Brown Cancer Center in Louisville, Kentucky. After this he studied at the world-famous Christie Institute in Manchester, England. He recently reboarded with the American College of Radiology (ACR) in 2015. He has been a practicing physician for 24 years. 

Danielle Darsey , RTT

Danielle has been working alongside Dr. Seither since the clinic opened in October 2009. 

Shari, RTT

Shari has nearly 30 years of radiation oncology experience as a therapist, team leader, and manager. She joined us in 2017. 

Cathy, RTT

Cathy began working at KRTA in the spring of 2012. 


KRTA is a privately owned practice in Bowling Green, Kentucky, located adjacent to Tristar Greenview Regional Hospital. The clinic was started by Dr. Richard Seither in November of 2009 and has been growing ever since. The clinic itself was developed to optimize patient comfort and care with a simple setup that minimizes the patients' concerns. The facility provides some of the most advanced technology in the industry and is a regional leading cancer center.   

Latest Clinic News:

SpaceOAR Coming Soon

May 10, 2019


We hope to soon offer SpaceOAR to protect the rectum during treatment for prostate cancer.


The SpaceOAR separates the rectum from the prostate in order to decrease toxicity and exposure to radiation. Oftentimes, this procedure allows for a shorter treatment schedule. To learn more visit their website:






9th Anniversary

Nov 27, 2018


We just recently celebrated our 9th anniversary and 9th year of successful operations this past week. Over the past nine years we have continued to maintain our excellent customer care while simultaneously growing across and out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. We are looking forward to our continued success in being one of the leaders at Radiation Therapy in southern Kentucky. 


The Practice

Kentucky Radiation Therapy Associates Machine
KRTA building and facility
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